Alex Vella Gera

Alex Vella Gera, the award-winning author of Antipodi, Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi and Trojan is one of the most prominent novelists in the contemporary Maltese literary scene.

In 2009 the author made the headlines when his short story Li Tkisser Sewwi appeared in a student publication Realtà. The story is a first-person narration of the sexual exploits of the protagonist, an irresponsible and sex-driven individual with little to no regard for women and human dignity. The story provoked a public debate and a court case that eventually led to a revision of Malta’s outdated censorship laws. While very few doubted the truthfulness of the representation as such, most of the debate centered on whether writers (and artists) should censor their characters and to what extent the author can be held responsible for the world-view espoused by their creations.

Besides his literary output as a novelist, Alex Vella Gera has also experimented with other forms of literary and artistic expression, including poetry, photography and film.