About the project

Storja ta’ Storja’ was commissioned by the Malta National Book Council in 2019.  It is the first initiative of its kind, with each episode focusing on an award-winning author. Each extensive interview is accompanied by a dramatization of the authors’ work. 

With projects such as ‘Storja ta’ Storja‘, the National Book Council aims at promoting Maltese literature and encouraging interest in a new generation of Maltese readers. It is produced by Maltese production company Sajjetta

Malta National Book Council

The National Book Council is a public association of publishers and writers that caters for the Maltese book industry. It provides several important services and strives to encourage reading.

The council represents promotes writers and publishers, organises the Malta Book Festival and the National Book Prize amongst other national as well as smaller scale events, administers Public Lending Rights, runs several literary contests and is also the local agent for ISBN and ISMN.

About the Team

Charlie Cauchi

A visual artist, filmmaker, researcher and curator, who lives in Malta. Charlie’s 2016 – 2018 project Latitude 36 formed part of the island’s European Capital of Culture programme. This transmedia project included the documentary short, From Malta to Motor City, which focuses on the Maltese diaspora in Michigan, USA. It also included an installation Blitz in Valletta and several commissioned theatrical works. Her recent installation Sempre Viva, was a three-screen projection commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Malta.

Besides producing her own work, she uses her production company, Sajjetta, to produce the work of other filmmakers.

Martin Bonniċi

Starting out as a broadcast designer, Martin Bonniċi has over 15 years of experience in the audio-visual industries. He has trained under experts such as Laurence Moody, Bobette Buster and David Howard amongst others. Working in several departments has allowed him to gain an understanding of various processes from animation to live-action production and in the past 6 years helped him produce and direct short films in a range of styles. His short film projects are among the most successful in Malta, having taken part in numerous festivals, markets and obtained various commercial distribution contracts. In 2010 Martin established and started running his own production company, Shadeena.

Through Shadeena, Martin has produced dozens of audio-visual projects from adverts to corporate projects and recently, a TV Sitcom, working with various teams for clients in Malta, Switzerland, Italy and the US and in the coming months, multiple feature films will also enter production. Over the past years, Shadeena has expanded into a company which handles digital projects and one which serves as an independent rental house.